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Corona virus

CORONA VIRUS NEWS Update – 27.03.2020

corona virus news update

CORONA VIRUS Latest News:-

As we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before tonight , we’re gonna dig a little deeper into what we can all do right now the entire globe is trying to come to terms with this new way of life. (corona virus news update).

And as we just heard moments ago residents in Los Angeles County must now do the same the LA mayor they’re announcing a sweeping safer at home order requiring tens of millions of America’s second largest city to stay home with few exceptions.

He said the order is because “human life is precious”.

And at this point this is way beyond hot spots on a map here in the US the number of confirmed cases continues to rise with more than 13,000 testing positive.

corona newsupdate

And here’s what’s being done large sporting venues like Citi Field here in New York transformed into makeshift triage zones in anticipation of a crush of COVID 19 patients.

corona virus news update

It is an effort from coast to coast this soccer complex in Washington State also turned into a temporary hospital.


drown view of italy

The entire nation of Italy is on the brink and on lockdown as the death toll now surpasses that of China. And the Defiant Spring Breakers on America’s beaches initially refusing to stay indoors now they have no choice but to get off Florida beaches forced to come to terms with this crisis as so many of us are right now.

with the number of infections in the u.s. soaring in New York alone by 3000 in just the last 24 hours the mayor giving this new warning but the federal government does not do all in its power immediately there will be people who died who didn’t need to die.

This is going to be one of the most difficult moments in the city’s history this as the White House is making an ambitious promise to fast-track medical treatments for patients with COVID – 19.


corona virus news

DONALD TRUMPH – ” It’s shown very encouraging very very encouraging early results and we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately “

president Trump, touting the malaria drug chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine which doctors say have already delivered promising results in China to alleviate symptoms. but right now the FDA is still studying the drug.

TRUMPH – ” I think it could be a game-changer and maybe not and maybe not but I think it could be based on what I see it “.

( Corona virus news update)

The White House says another therapy for Ebola is already being tested on Americans with COVID. – 19. but it’s still unclear when any of these treatments will be widely available or if they’re effective.

This as doctors and nurses have been sounding the alarm for days saying they’re running out of critical supplies. The CDC even recommending using homemade masks like a Bandana or scarf as a last resort.

Bonnie Castillo(EXEC.DIR, NATIONAL NURSE UNITED) – ” nurses are working with inadequate protections and that ranges from head coverings, respirators, EYE Shields appropriate gowns “.

Vice president claiming a company that makes those vital m95 masks is ramping up production to 35 million per month. Adding that the government has now identified tens of thousands of ventilators as well. ER doctor Steven Anderson telling us they need ventilators in Auburn Washington .

What about Youngsters?

The growing pandemic now revealing the risk for young people may be worse than previously thought. New numbers from the CDC showing nearly 40 percent of American patients hospitalized for COVID. – 19 between the ages of 20 and 54 . still thousands of college students have been descending on Florida beaches.

But 29 year-old Tarik Suleiman wants young just how dangerous it is he’s sick with the corona virus and has pneumonia unable to breathe.

Can young people also be Affected?

Tarik Suleiman ( 29 year-old suffering from corona virus)-

” I just want to say that it can come to anyone and it can also be severe for a lot of young people “.

Governor’s Message for Youngsters

Governor – “These pictures of young people on beaches these videos of young people saying is my Spring Break you know I’m out the party this is my time to party this is so unintelligent and reckless”

New York Governor, now tightening the restrictions on businesses mandating that 75% of their workers must stay home . and in nearby freehold New Jersey an unimaginable loss for the fusco family .


today the fourth member of the tight-knit family dying all within days of each other three others hospitalized nearly 20 family members now on quarantine daughter Bridget telling people magazine I am numb I don’t believe . but this is really an unthinkable example of just how contagious this virus can be especially in large groups.

The New York Times is also reporting that matriarch died while on a ventilator in the hospital never knowing that her two oldest children had already passed really–it’s unable to mourn properly together the deaths of their their relatives and loved ones .

For more updates please stay tuned , stay away from crowds and take care.

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