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Corona virus

[Latest] Corona Virus Latest News[updated]

Corona virus

Corona Virus

Corona virus
Corona virus medical team

A coronavirus is a catch-all term for a virus that infects the nose, sinuses, mouth, and throat. SARS for example is a coronavirus that made the leap from animals to humans, and pretty quickly went mainstream on a tour of the south-east Asia region. Most of these viruses are limited to giving you mild cold-like symptoms, but others like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and the infamous SARS can actually be deadly.

This new outbreak of coronavirus got its start in the city of Wuhan, one of China’s largest cities with a population of 11 million. It was just a small-town virus, with dreams of big-city life, and soon it had infected dozens of Wuhan’s residents- though the real number is impossible to estimate given the flu and cold-like symptoms of the virus.

People prefer to stay at home

What became immediately obvious though was the fact that this virus was far deadlier than the cold or the flu, and the elderly were at particular risk.

The first victim of the coronavirus was a 61 year old man who died on January 9th. This was followed by the deaths of two more on January 15th and 18th. The fourth man to die was an 89 year old man admitted to the hospital a day earlier with severe breathing issues. From there the death toll continued to climb, reaching 25 deaths due to the virus.

Corona virus

The World Health Organization convened to discuss measures to protect the global population from a possible pandemic, but ultimately decided that the virus was virulent enough to warrant an international emergency.

Despite this, China has instituted an unprecedented lockdown on Wuhan and other affected cities, enacting a travel ban that is now affecting approximately 33 million people. The lockdown is seen as critical given the fact that the Chinese New Year was pending at the time of the lockdown, and authorities feared the spread of the virus across the rest of China and beyond.

The w-h-o saying that there are only 68 cases in the whole of the rest of the world.

so right now as I(Dr. Rosalind Eggar) mentioned there’s this incubation period the time from when you get infected to when symptoms start to show and we think this is on average five or six days but in some people can be as long as two weeks as was mentioned and so some of the cases that we’re seeing now that have been exported are from further back in transmission they happened quite a few days ago before some of these interventions happen in China .so right now we have to wait and see if these interventions that have been put in place in Wuhan and in other places have had an impact on the transmission.”

Corona Virus Latest News:-

The authoritarian Chinese government was perhaps better suited for locking down entire cities than other world governments, but the restriction of information regarding the virus has angered many Chinese citizens. In a bid to not create panic over the virus, the Chinese government has kept the story out of its state-run media as much as possible. And Chinese citizens afraid for their health and angry with their government have turned to social media to try and inform themselves. Because social media isn’t exactly the number one source for fact-checked information. Many Chinese citizens have in fact panicked exactly the way the Chinese government had tried to prevent in the first place with the information blackout. The American CDC has responded to the coronavirus outbreak by screening passengers at five of the nation’s largest airports who come in on flights from known Chinese contagion sites. The service has developed a field test that can tell if a person is infected, and is hoping to spread that knowledge with international partners in a bid to help combat the potential epidemic. While the American government is not considering ban on travel to affected Chinese citizens, it has issued a level 3 travel alert- the highest possible- warning travelers to consult with their physicians and take all possible precautions to avoid infection while in affected areas.

Are we any clearer about the cause of this outbreak

Corona virus news
Wuhan’s People

Dr. Rosalind Eggar ( works in public health epidemiology) yes so we know that this is caused by a corona virus and corona viruses are a family of viruses that affect people and animals all around the world. and there’s really very very new evidence now from the genetics of the virus that it’s closely related to something that exists in bats, but we don’t yet know how it how it came into humans so whether it was from bats into people or from bats into an intermediate host and then into people. but what we do know it’s clear that this is a do or not expel over so a circuit of virus it circulates and animals that spread into people and now we have person-to-person transmission between people.”

At the very beginning of outbreaks and epidemics we is there’s a lot of uncertainty especially around key characteristics of the virus so for example for when somebody gets infected too when they start to become symptomatic or when do they start to shed virus these durations are very important and that means these early estimates there’s a lot of uncertainty there’s a wide window of what we might expect to see and as time goes on. And we learn more our confidence in our estimates will come down and that will allow us to better understand what we expect to see.

Is it sensible to airlift people out of China ?

so repatriating Britten’s is a perfectly fine policy and the key thing is that even within Wuhan it is an enormous City there are a lot of cases but on an individual level it’s still quite and you it’s unlikely that that the people will be infected. But as I just mentioned there the people coming back are going to be closely looked after and monitored so if they do show symptoms or if they then they’ll get you know medical assistance as quickly as possible and there’s very unlikely there’ll be any transmission into the community .

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