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Corona virus

[New] Corona virus Treatment – Found

Corona virus

Corona Virus Treatment

Hello Everyone!! Ever since the day we heard the name of Corona virus, a fear has been sitting in our mind that we might not get caught by this corona virus. And friends, let me tell you that till yesterday, the treatment of this corona virus had not come, but you must be happy to hear that the doctors of Tahiland are claiming that the AntiTode of corona Virus Is found.

Due to This Corona Virus a 44 years old Chinese man is died in Philippines while the Death toll in china has reached Above 300.

Treatment News

In Bangkok :- A chinese woman Who was infected with the New CoronaVirus has Shown a Dramatic Improvement. when she was treated with a cocktail of different Anti-Virals that are used to treat Flu and HIV. It is Confirmed by Thailand’s Health Ministry that the 71 year old Patient tested negative for the new Corona Virus after 48 hrs of Treatment.

“The lab result of positive on the corona virus turned negative in 48 hrs”-Kriengsak said.

“From being exhausted before,She could sit up in bed 12 hrs later.”

“The Doctors Combined the Anti-flu drug oseltamivir with lopinavir and ritonavir,anti-virals used to treat HIV.” – From economictimes

Thailand had detected 19 Confirmed cases of Corona virus which originated from Wuhan(epicenter of corona virus,china) which is under lock down.

This is the 2nd Highest record of cases outside China.

Highest Record of Corona Virus cases Outside China is 20 that is of JAPAN.

So far out of 19 ,8 Patients in Thailand have recovered and returned home, while 11 are in hospital.

Corona Virus is originated from Wuhan,China From the meat market of China. Considering the danger of corona virus,WHO had declared corona virus as Global Health emergency.

The death poll in china is still increasing and numbers of people had infected by this corona virus.Pray for them to be healthy soon.


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