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[Latest] HOPELESS LAND – Fight For Survival.

hopless land

Hopeless Land

Hopeless land is a online battle ground game for android. The Hopeless land android game is for devices which has not so high graphics and memory. This android game can be played on any android device which has at least RAM of 1 or 2 GB.The hopeless land fight for survival also known as Time Game which is made by the country China. Hopeless land game was launched on 29th January 2018. If your device is not so compatible to play pubg or Fortnite then you can download Hopeless land apk. At the end of this Article I will also give You Some Other Battle ground games. Hopeless Land is really a Good game. keep playing keep enjoying.

Here Is a Game play video of Hopeless Land Fight for survival

Hopeless land fight for survival

Interesting Features Of Hopeless Land- Fight for survival-

  • Hopeless land has different maps having massive area of 8 km x 8 km.
  • In one survival game, at a time there are 120 Players from different countries are deployed on the island. And you have to search for Guns, vests, ammo, helmets,etc from the houses and buildings so that you can take fight from your enemies.
  • This game provides you all the necessary equipment that are used in battle field. such as Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, Sub machine guns, AR guns, Shotguns, Ammo, grenades, etc.
  • This game has a feature of shrinking Zone which helps you to find Enemies more easily. So you can not feel boring.
  • Like PUBG, Fortnite and other games,This game also has Duo, solo and Squad Mode.
  • This games provides you many different male and female Characters with unique Hairstyles And skin tones.
  • This game also provide you option to voice communication with your other squad members.
hopeless land free download
hopeless land fight for survival map

Pubg VS Hopeless Land Fight for survival

Here, from my experience I will give you a brief comparison between PUBG and Hopeless land fight for survival. Pubg is a amazing game but it has many glitches and it also occupy a lot of storage in your phone. For better experience in pubg your phone must has a better configurations but hopeless land can be easily played on any android device which has a minimum of one GB ram.

hopeless land
Hopeless land fight for survival
hopless land
hopeless land free download

Hopeless Land Free Download –

After reading the above content You might feel interesting to play the Game. Here is a good news for you that you can download this game and play it for free, nothing you have to pay. To download hopeless land Fight for survival just click on the Download Button given below. The size of this game is 310 MB.

hopeless land fight for survival

How many Mega bytes( size) Does Hopeless land Have?

Well, the size of apk file of Hopeless land fight for survival is about 355 MB . When you have sufficient data then You can downoad hopeless land in single click by clicking on download button given above.

Here are some Reviews Regarding Hopeless Land.

BUT Before Downloading Don’t Forget To Check the reviews listed below.

” When i play this app it have a nice characters, guns, cars and etc. When you update this app again i want you to fix the graphics. And plss add a the tandem so you can follow your friend if you will droup and add the on board so you can know how many players had been drop if you do this iwill give y “

” The game is very good. It is better than all survival games. You haven’t solved the lag problem yet. Please solve the lag problem for 1GB RAM Device and Add new Maps or Emotes. There is a lot of server disconnect problem in this game and there are many hackers who need to be banned. Please fix the Hackers”

” Earlier it was good. But recently it is having a lot of hackers, helicopter hack, body hide hack, speed kill hack, many hacks are ruining the experience. Plus vip weopon system makes the game very lopsided. Vip system should be implemented only in costumes, cars, posts and all that and weopons should made equal for all”

And many more Reviews


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