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[*Official*] Nimo Tv – The Live Streaming app

nimo tv

Nimo Tv-

Hello guys!! If you are visiting this website then it means you want to know everything about nimo tv like what is nimo tv?, how does it work?, It really helps to earn?, how much can we earn?, how It has to be used?, and many more.So lets Find the answer of these Questions in this Article. I welcome to all of you on this website,, which will provide you all the necessary information from nimo tv and along with daily updates, will continue to bring new events and offers for you. So Let’s Begin…

Obviously First of all you have to know, what is nimo tv?

What is Nimo Tv?

Nimo tv is a application through which we can perform anything live. Such as playing live games, singing live songs, dancing etc. But now 90% of the people do live game streaming. Therefore it is also called live game streaming app. It has become the most used live streaming app in the whole world.

In short we can say that NIMO Tv is the World’s leading live streaming platform for Games And E-sports.

I know Many of you are willing to know that can we Use Nimo tv in our Pc? Or only for Mobile?? In this article I will cover each and everything about this app, so be relax and enjoy the article. !

Who Own’s Nimo Tv?

Nimo Tv is a Chinese App which means it is Developed by China and Wholly owned by China’s leading streaming company HUYA. Nimo focuses on live streaming content and e-sports. It is also available for Web, iOS and Android.

It was launched on May 2018, in Indonesia.

Please don’t skip the article, You should read each and every line of this article otherwise you will miss a chance to do Something bigger.

Download Nimo Tv apk

The Downloading process of Nimo tv is very very easy, just Simply Visit google Play store and Search for “Nimo Tv” and imo install it. It has already been downloaded by 10 million + people and has a rating of 4.6 which is impressive.

Nimo Tv for PC

For the PC users, Guyss ! Nimo Tv is also Available For PC all the process are same which i had already discussed above. You can download Nimo Tv for Pc by searching it or by simply Click here .

How can I stream On Nimo Tv?

First of all you have to download it from google play store, then follow these steps.

  • click on profile button
  • click on login now Button.

If you are a new user then click on sign up button and sign up giving your details and if you had already signed up then simply login to nimo-tv.

  • click on profile icon, here you can choose your profile pic and a nickname also.

  • After that click on Stream center

here You will see your earnings and your level.

nimo app

To come live click on Become a Streamer

  • Now select which game you wants to play and also the language of streaming.
  • After that Click on start streaming.

If you want to perform live then you can download another app nimo-tv for streamers by clicking the pink box in the corner.

The more you practice the more you learn, so keep learning … 🙂

How much does Nimo TV Pay?

Nimo Tv pays you in different ways i.e salary wise monthly payments, rewards, gifts, Events and Offers. from here you can collect an amount of minimum 30$ – 1000$ per month.

you can participate in events to get more Gems.

Below I had discussed in details on Salary Policy of Nimo Tv so Check it out.

Nimo Tv salary Wise Payment & Reward Rules

Nimo Tv pays you according to your level. It has many Different levels such as S>>A>>B>>C>>D>>E>>and Intern. Every level has different requirements such as Working Time (streaming hours),Effective Day, ACU, New Followers And Salary($).

Given Below is the table that gives data regarding your level.

LEVELEffective DayHoursACUNew FollowersSalary($)

Effective days – Minimum of 2 hrs streaming per day. In case You not able to complete 2 hrs of streaming It will count as a invalid day.

you can complete your 2 hrs of streaming by taking break also. Suppose You stream 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in evening then total streaming hour will be 2 hrs, it will count as a valid day.

Intern :- people who first time streamed on nimo tv.(Only top 1000 Streamers will be ranked by hours can recieved) After the Completion of 1st Month , it will be automatically upgrade to E level.

Rules And Policies May be adjusted monthly, so stay tuned.

How do you get paid on Nimo TV?

In this app You will find Three Things 1st one is Diamond, 2nd is Coin and 3rd is Gems(your earning). So lets have a brief discussion on these.


By using Diamonds, you can buy gifts and send it to your favourite streamers when they stream.

How you get Diamonds?

To get Diamonds you have to buy it.

DiamondsPrice ($)


The Coins are also used to purchase gifts for your favourite streamer.

Coins cannot be converted into Diamonds and earnings.

Coin gifts received by the streamer only affect the channel popularity of the streamer.

How to get coins?

you can collect coins on the daily basis while watching your favourite streamer live.

Now the Gems (your earning)

Gems are Actually your earnings while streaming.

Note 1 diamond ≠ 1 Gem.

How to Get Gems?

The Diamonds you get as a gift from your followers will be converted into gems(earnings), conversion will follow a specific rate.

For more gems you can participate in events.

These Gems will be converted into commissions(earnings) on every 1st of the month and then Transfers to your Linked Payoneer Account on every 8th of the month.

Amount will enter in your Payoneer Account within 2-10 working days.

If you are below 18 then you can use your father’s account.

Minimun payout – 50$

Maximum payout – 5000$

Nimo Tv Streamer Recruitment

The most important question – How can I do all those things? what is the actual process that I should follow to become a streamer and start earning?

First of all I would like to clear that even if you are streaming live on Nimo every day, you are not going to be paid. Because You have to Follow a specific process in order to get payment.

So here is the Process-

After login you will be on the homepage of the app. On the Top of the page you will find some banners. These are some events banners one of them will be recruitment banner named Dollar Master as shown in below picture.

nimo tv

Now click on the banner. There you will find a “Register now” button.

nimo tv

Now enter the name of the game that you wants to play and select your stream time and give a brief info about yourself. After that click on the submit Button.

nimo tv recruitment

You will see a message of Registration Successful.

Congrats! you have done all things now start streaming and earning 😀

On clicking dollar master banner you can check your status ,you will be in Intern Level.

nimo tv status

Final Words

Thanks for visiting , stay Tuned.

If you have some doubt please comment down we will try to solve it.


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