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[BEST] Prank call ideas ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

prank call ideas


In life, the most precious thing is ” smile“. so by doing a small prank, you can bring smiles on your face & other peoples too. our site provides you the Best Prank call ideas for free. You can experiment these prank call ideas on our friends’ relatives cousins etc. But be sure while you use prank call ideas it will not hurt someone’s feelings. So let’s begin with the best prank calling ideas listed below and Don’t forget to comment which prank call ideas you experimented. Some pranks may be performed outside the door so keep doing pranks and if you have some new ideas then don’t forget to comment down below so that other people can use your new prank calling ideas. For remembering bookmark this page! 

Prank call ideas are listed below

1. Paper drop prank (most funniest prank)-

In this prank a guy carrying a bunch of papers on public place and suddenly it drops all the papers, now the surrounding peoples will come to help you in collecting the papers.left them collecting papers and you move away.

for more clear please watch this video –

2. SURPRISE GIFT prank (Most Funny Prank)

call any random number and tell them I’m gonna ask some question and if you give the correct answer i will give you a surprise gift.. Now the questions starts like this.. 

you – how will you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

you – It simple just open the refrigerator and put the giraffe inside and close the refrigerator that’s it.

Unknown – No! it is not possible.

Unknown – what nonsense!

you – Now tell me how you put an elephant into refrigerator?

unknown- its simple open the refrigerator put the elephant inside and close the refrigerator . done! 😀

you – no! 

Unknown – how?

you – open the refrigerator take out the giraffe then put the the elephant inside : )

Unknown- ooh..

you – Now Final Question. In the forest, the lion was celebrating his birthday party all animals attend the party but only one animal not attended the party ,tell me who?

Unknown – let me think…deer? because lion will eat him.

you – no.

unknown – Then I don’t Know.

you – elephant !!!! dear because elephant was in the refrigerator   lol : )

prank call reactions

3.Prank your boyfriend by being an unknown girl

Here is the conversation between you and your boy friend on call with unknown number.

you :- helllloo (sweent lovely sound) 

Boyfriend :- heloo (excited mood)

you : – Are you single ?

boyfriend : – yes I am (excited). What’s your name baby ?

you :- I am your Girlfriend “your name”, meet me right now in park( angry mood) Iwill tell you my name.

Boyfriend : – ooh baby sry sorrrryyyy…


4. Prank call ideas for an unknown number

 here is the conversation between you and the unknown person –

you – hello sir i am speaking from OLX. Do you have any laptop for sell ?

unknown : – No.

you – do you have a laptop ?

unknown :- yes I have.

you :- does it running properly?

unknown :- yes it  runs well.

you :- Then Tie it fast otherwise it will run away from you..( laughing).

unknown :-  what nonsense !!!

call hangs up..

Call it again…

you :- sir I am from OLX, do you  have any laptop?

unknown :- no, I Don’t have any laptop

you : – What ! that’s why i told you  to tie it now see it ran away from you.

you smiles and Hangs up the call !!

prank call ideas

5. prank call ideas for any restaurants

you can enjoy this prank call idea with your friends, call your targeted restaurant and tell them to recharge your phone because your data plan has expired…!!

listen what they reply !!

prank calls

6. prank to an unknown person

call any random number and here the conversation between you and the unknown person –

you – hello. 

unknown – hello.. 

you – rest all is well?

unknown – yaa all fine! but i don’t recognised you.

you – I will tell my name, first of all you tell me why you said hello after picking the call you could say directly all well , how are you? I’m calling once again try it.

phone rings 

Unknown – hello 

you again you said hello!!

Unknown – sorry call  again one more time.

phone rings

other – rest all is well. how are you?

give the phone to your friend

your friend – who are you  stupid? are you  mad? what the hell  you  are telling  all  well all well ..

other – ooh sorry sorry wrong guy!

again call the unknown person

phone rings

Unknown- hello

you – again you said hello..

unknown – what the fuck are you doing ..start abusing 

phone hangs up.. 🙂

7. Happy Birthday Prank –

In this prank you Nothing have to do just call any random number and start wishing them happy birthday dear..

when you are giving birthday treat..!!

prank calls With friends

8. Prank Call ideas For Girls Only

If you are an unmarried girl, then tell your mom that you are pregnant, then see your mom’s reaction..

( try this at your own risk hahahaha!!!).

9 . Prank for Boys Only –

If you are an unmarried guy then ask your friend to wear girls dress with a long hair wig.

now wait for your mom to come at home. when she come home tell her that you both love each other and can’t live without each other,so you both get married

now see the reaction !!!!

prank call Ideas

10. prank call ideas on early morning 

In this Prank you have to wake up early in the morning and call any random number,they will be sleeping but when they receive your call tell them that it’s a very urgent call and when they ask what happened? then tell them your doggy has fed away from your house.Is he there? then listen what they reply !!!!

phone hangs up

11. Funny prank call ideas-

call any random number and ask them my potty is not coming, what I do?

get ready for funny replies.

Pranks for friends

12. Hospital prank

call any random number and ask-

Hi you are receiving an important call from {some hospital/ bank/important place but have someone say it in different voice } . Please press 1 to connect with them .”if they do press a button, you get everyone to yell “dumbass” into the phone.

13. GF calling Prank –

In this Price Just call any Random number and ask him Why you are calling my GF ? he will say no, I had not called anyone. But keep saying You had called my gf, she was getting irritate so stop calling her otherwise I will take Action. then listen what he reply but at the End tell him that it’s only a prank , so just chill : D !

prank call ideas

14. LUCKY WINNER prank –

In this prank you have to dial any Random number and tell them I am Calling from XYZ company and I have called to tell you that your phone number has selected for our weekly lucky winner contest. Then The person become excited and ask you what I had won?

then tell him that You won A happy good morning wish from our company. so sir a very good morning to you stay blessed have a nice day …. LOL 😀 !!!! Is it interesting hahaha?

15. Toilet prank

call any Random hotel and tell them there is no tissue paper in toilet and you had stuck in the toilet. send the Tissue Paper fast. and then cut the call they will start searching you in the hotel’s toilet.

16.Lost and Found Prank

If a hotel has Lost and found services then call them and ask that your friend has lost something in your hotel can you please help me in finding it ?

they will ask what your friend had lost then tell them my friend has lost his heart in your hotel please courier it fast .!!!! hangs up call

don’t forget to share this with your friends, family etc. 

stay happy be healthy. see yaa !


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