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[Unlimited] Facebook likes for free – DJ liker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dj liker

DJ liker

Hello! Everyone how are You? I hope You all are fine. So , are you searching for DJ liker? I mean you are not getting much likes on facebook? So here is your solution this trick will get you thousands of free likes on facebook for free. Are you excited? I know you definitely say yes.

Everyone wants whenever we upload any post on Facebook we get hundreds of reaction. But in current busy schedule no one or very less people reacts on our post. And we start thinking that no one looks at me..

But from now you don’t have to wait for peoples to come and see your post to react. you yourself can get thousands of facebook likes for free by using DJLiker. so, lets begin.

What is DJ Liker?

Obviously you should know this that DJ liker is an application used in Android Phones (DJ liker apk). By this tool you can get unlimited likes on your any Facebook post. So don’t skip any line of this article…hope you will enjoy..

DJ liker Apk Download

To use Dj liker apk you have to download it and One bad thing about this app is DJ Liker apk is not available on google play store. You have to download it from some other external sources. You can download it from below also just in one click.

After downloading see below here is a short tutorial for this app , you can check it.

How to use DJ liker Apk

Guys, It is very easy to use and get unlimited auto likes on Faceboook on any post.

So First of all you have to do some setting on your facebook account, see below –

Go to Your Account setting>> Public posts as shown below you can do it from any browser , i am using facebook lite.

facebook unlimited likes

Next you have to do is to keep your followers privacy on public like who can like your posts –> public

who can comment on your post –> public. keep these settings on public because the peoples who like your post is from whole world and if the settings will not be on public then your auto likes will not work.

Now all settings are done!

Now open DJliker Apk that you have downloaded above.

After opening dj liker you have to sign up by giving your details and allow all permissions and login to it.

After login you will see interface like this :-

dj liker

Here you can use Free Facebook Auto likes As well as Auto Facebook comments.

Now for fb likes we select “Use Auto Liker“.

After clicking on Use Auto liker It will Redirect to a page that consists of your all posts (Image, Text and video).

Here, you can select any post on which you want to increase likes for free.

And After selecting number of likes you want click on submit botton

dj liker apk download
select number of likes you want

After clicking on submit button it will generate tokens and automatically starts increasing your likes on that particular post, you can check likes on your post.

dj likes
fb likes increasing

Now Question is that How we will get Unlimited likes?

Answer –> After Every 15 minutes you can repeat the same process discussed above(gap of 15 minutes is necessary for generating tokens otherwise you will not able to use Dj liker it will block your id). Your Facebook id will not be blocked so don’t worry ! 🙂

Also see:-

For Detail information you can watch this video:-

Final words:-

I Hope you learn all the steps care fully on how to get unlimited likes on facebook for free using DJ LIKER. But still you have any doubt you can comment down below I try to answer your query.


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